Best Value

Air Duct + Dryer Vent Combo

$249 Now Starting At $149!

Make use of our deal today and have your HVAC system cleaned. That means great air flow around the house, lower energy bills, less severe allergic reactions during allergy season, better smelling clothes, and more!


Air Duct + Dryer Vent + Chimney Combo

$459 Now Starting At $279!

Bundle and save with us today and get your whole house’s necessities taken care of. Live for a couple years without worrying about high energy bills, house fires, unexplainable illnesses, a smelly home, or chimney explosions.


Single Services

Air Duct Cleaning

$139 Now Starting at $99!

  • State of the Art Negative Pressure Air Machine
  • Inspection video of Air Ducts
  • Option for addition of Disinfectant and Air Freshener onto basic package for $99

Dryer Vent Cleaning

$110 Now starting at $79!

  • Up to 10 ft ($10 per additional ft)
  • Rooftop access is additional fee of $49

Chimney Cleaning

$210 Now Starting At $149!

  • Spark Arrestors
  • Chimney Flues
  • Plenums
  • Fire Boxes
  • Dampers
  • Chimney Flues Use special brushes that go all the way up your chimney that reach all areas of the flue to scrape and brush away all soot, ash & creosote
  • Use of HEPA filtered vacuum to trap any particles from circulating in the home
  • Brush all internal areas within the fireplace including the firebox, smoke shelf, damper and damper handle