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Chimneys, why would they need cleaning? Well, although all they do is transport smoke outside of your home, during that simple job, flammable & explosive chemicals deposit along its inner walls.

According to the EPA, Chimneys should be cleaned annually or semi-annually to remove any deposited Creosote & Soot.

In the case they are not cleaned, they cause 25,000 house fires every year across the U.S. some of them being fatal. The most dangerous of all are ones caused by third stage Creosote which isn’t only flammable, but it’s highly explosive.

Chimney blockages and leaks also lead to houses slowly filling up with smoke or Carbon Monoxide, also known as the Silent Killer because it’s odorless and could suffocate everyone without them realizing what is happening until it’s too late.

Protect your family and your loved ones from this hazardous risk and hire professionals with EPA-approved bio-safe cleaning products that melt and remove these dangerous chemicals.

As your trusted professionals, we will utilize our years of experience to ensure that your loved one will always be safe inside their home.

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